HTTP Post API to send SMS.
Send SMS

In order to get delivery reports directly into your system you need to take care of few simple things.
  • Please make sure that, the URL passed in the field reportUrl, must accept HTTP POST request with JSON request body.
  • If you wish to get any additional data in the report callback, you should user query parameters and values in the URL itself.
If you don't pass the reportUrl parameter in request body, we will not be able to push the reports to your system. However, messages will still be delivered to the destination.

Request Body
Response Body
"senderid": "SAIFST",
"route": "Transactional",
"number": 989XXXXXXX,
"message": "Hello SainoFirst!! My first Post API.",
// The url at which you want to track the delivery report for this campaign
"reportUrl": ""
"status": true,
"data": {
"campaignId": 12345 // this id should be preserved to track the sms reports.
"message": "SMS sent successfully."
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