Account & Balance Info

Check your account information balance

GET <base_url>/my-account?token=<YOUR_API_TOKEN>

Sometimes you may need to check your balance before sending any SMS, Voice Call or using any services provided by the SainoFirst platform, use this API to do so.

Query Parameters




Your API token (always keep it secret)

  "status": true,
  "message": "Successfully Retrived Details.",
  "data": {
    "userId": <your_user_id>,
    "userRole": "<USER_ROLE_STRING>",
    "userName": "<USER_NMAE_STRING>",
    "emailId": "<EMAIL_ID_STRING>",
    "mobileNumber": "<MOBILE_NUMBER_STRING>",
    "contactDetails": {
      "clientName": "<CLIENT_NAME_STRING>",
      "companyName": "<COMPANY_NMAE_STRING>",
      "designation": "<DESIGNATION_STRING>",
      "address": "<ADDRESS_STRING>",
      "city": "<CITY_STRING>",
      "country": "<COUNTRY_STRING>",
      "pincode": "<ZIPCODE_STRING>",
      "state": "<STATE_STRING>",
      "website": "<WEBSITE_STRING>",
      "faxNumber": <fax_number>,
      "taxNumber": "<TAX_NUMBER_OR_ID_STRING>"
    "profile": {
      "language": "<USER_LANGUAGE_STRING>",
      "timezone": "<USER_TIMEZONE_STRING>",
      "currency": "USER_CURRENCY_STRING",
      "balance": <balance_decimal>
    /* Apps allowed only for current API token (token passed in request url)
    *  will be shown here
    "appsAvailable": [

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