Send SMS

To make it simple, We have designed a method which allows you to send SMS in a single line of the HTTP GET request:

This is all you need to send a message. No codings skills required, to test this, You can even send this message through your web browser address bar, Just copy the URL and change the parameters. Now, this is something that you could put into your application without writing any code!


Placeholder names will be provided by the application system from which you want to send messages. What you need to understand is where to put these placeholders. Let’s break down our example request in several lines so we can understand it closely:
&route=EnterRouteName ( Transactional, Global, Promotional )
&number=EnterNumber ( Where SMS needs to be send )
&message=hello ( Enter your text message )

If you want to send sms via user ID and password, That will replace token (API key ) to below parameters :


Remaining all parameters will be same

Mandatory Parameters






Generate your API key at your Saino First account

Sender ID


The registered and approved Sender name



Type of connectivity like Global, Promotional, Transactional



Number with country prefix. (multiple numbers can be separated by comma.)



Content of message

Optional Parameters

You can add these parameters in the HTTP API only, as per your requirement you can use one of them or all.






Message can be send in any language ( Values 1 or 0 )



Schedule time (in format i.e,yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) at which the SMS has to be sent



Send flash sms via API ( Values 1 or 0 )

Customize SMS

Use the below HTTP call to send customize or personalize message to your customers. You can send unique content to each number in one request only. Remaining all Mandatory and Optional parameters will be same.,91XXXXXXXXXX&message=hello name^hello name

In base URL it usages "customize-sms" instead of "bulk-sms"

Got stuck?

No problem, we are here for you! We have the best support team available you around the clock, so just drop an email at