Getting Started

Saino First API (Application Programming Interfaces) documentation is intuitive and written with developers in mind. It provide instructions on how to quickly integrate Saino First services into various solutions. In order to interact with our API, any HTTP client in any programming language can be used. Saino First infrastructure Engineered for reliability, quality, and 99.9% uptime.

Saino First APIs power its platform for communications. Behind these APIs is a software layer connecting and optimizing communications networks around the world to allow you to Send messages or voice across 190+ countries and over 800+ telecom networks.

What’s a REST API?

An API is a set of rules that let programs hand-shake with each other, sharing data and functionality across the internet in a consistent format. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is an architectural pattern that describes how distributed systems can expose a consistent interface. When we use the term ‘REST API,’ they are generally referring to an API accessed via HTTP protocol at a predefined set of URLs.

You can send alerts, reminders, notifications, marketing messages, verification messages containing one-time passcodes (OTP).

How to get started?

Create a Saino First account In order to use our API, you will need credentials. These are not used only for API but also for other Saino First services like Customer portal. If you already have a Saino First account you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow this link:

Create a new account

Part of the signup process includes verifying your personal phone number, this is a security measure that is mandatory before you can try Saino.

Github for SDKs and Plugins

Got stuck?

No problem, we are here for you! We have the best support team available you around the clock, so just drop an email at

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